Weight control is a big concern for many a people due to the risks associated with excess weight such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issues, and some types of cancers, just to mention but a few. Due to the health issues and even for physique interests, those struggling with losing weight go to any length to shed some pounds. One of the methods that these people resort to is vaping. However, one question remains unanswered – can vaping be an effective and healthy way to manage weight?

Why do people use vaping to control weight?

Those grappling with cutting weight think that they have discovered a perfect weight loss drug in vaping for a few reasons, which include the following:

  • Vaping does not need a doctor’s prescription
  • Although using e-cigarettes is not cheap, it is relatively affordable
  • Vaping does not seem to have any negative impact on the body
  • Inhaling and exhaling vapour is fun and a good pastime activity

How is vaping supposed to control weight?

So, what is the reasoning behind vaping to control weight? Well, vaping delivers a chemical called nicotine into the body by using an electronic vaping device. Nicotine is seen to have an effect of reducing the craving for sweets, speeding up metabolism, and significantly cut snacking, all of which reduce weight. In fact, vaping has been recommended by some people as a perfect way to quit smoking without adding weight.

Furthermore, some people also see vaping as a perfect way to end a meal where instead of eating a dessert, they vape. Vaping is also apparently seen as a good stress reliever. For some people, using e-cigs acts as a substitute for eating.

Speaking of vaping as a smoking cessation method, smokers should consider it since smoking is very risky. Conversely, vaping is safer since it does not involve tobacco combustion, which produces toxins. They can look and inquire for additional hints on how to use e-cigarettes to end the dangerous habit.

What are the risks of vaping to control weight?

While there is growing adoption of vaping to control weight, the possible health risks from this habit is in the making.In reality, vaping is introducing a highly addictive chemical –nicotine –into the body, but it is not a fun way of controlling weight. Furthermore, the vaping dieters seem to overlook a certain concern of what happens when the pounds are shed. The truth is that the weight will be regained and with the possibility of being accompanied by an addiction to the nicotine.

There are also risks of suffering withdrawal symptoms when those vaping to control weight stop vaping. The symptoms are like those experienced when one gives up smoking and include insomnia, depression, fatigue, weight gain, and difficulty in concentrating.

What is the perfect weight control method?

Smoking and vaping are not answers to weight control and loss. The answer lies in having a complete change in one’s habits and lifestyle as well as their perception and feelings about food. Those who want to keep their weight in check or lose some pounds must switch permanently to better or healthier food choices and commit themselves to working out regularly. It is also critical to address the cause of overeating and take corrective measures.

The bottom line

The use of vaping to control and lose weight is not only unhealthy but is also ineffective in the long run as the loss is likely to be reversed when the dieter stops vaping. The right way to control weight is to eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle through workouts and performing various movement tasks.