This is the ultimate rundown of visa-free countries for travellers. I’ve created this rundown because we realize how frustrating visa research can be. You’ve picked the ideal travel destination and started to plan and prepare for an epic excursion. In any case, in many places on the planet, you can’t simply appear and hope to be allowed to enter. There are visa-free countries, visa on arrival countries, and a few places you have to apply for your entrance visa beforehand. Here are the top visa free countries.

Having to pay for expensive visas can really add up when travelling – visiting visa-free countries will really encourage the financial plan, yet in addition, makes it a lot easier to plan for a trek. In this article, I’m going to list the 50 best visa-free countries for American, Canadian, Australian, and UK citizens, separated by locales of the world. It may sound great to have the capacity to enter all of the countries in the Schengen Zone without having to secure a visa beforehand, yet it’s actually not a great to place to travel long haul because it’s hard to travel to 26 countries in only multi-month.

This article is for all of the travellers out there who want to know all of the visa-free countries around the world yet in addition for telecommuters and digital nomads like us who are constantly on the lookout for easy places to set up shop for a brief period. In the event that a nation offers visa-free travel, as a rule, they also allow for easy augmentations, meaning that location autonomous specialists can often continue broadening their stay for quite a while. Have a look!


The popular traveller trail that goes through Southeast Asia often does exclude the Philippines– which is something worth being thankful for you! The Philippines has a great deal to offer travellers, in fact, there are more than 7,000 islands that make up the archipelago. In case you’re into scuba plunging, angling, boating, swimming, swimming or any other water activities, this is the nation for you. The Philippines beaches are staggering. In addition, you’ll also locate some bustling urban communities, dramatic natural landscapes and inconceivably well-disposed locals.


Top 15 Visa Free Countries

This is genuinely a pearl in Southeast Asia, and again, it’s often overlooked by travellers. In this multi-cultural nation, you’ll find proficient transport, delightful food, dazzling beaches, numerous islands, a pristine underwater world, unending climbing openings, and a cosmopolitan vibe in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. Don’t miss Malaysia.


Another expensive destination in Asia, with many spending travellers, simply putting in two or three evenings here and proceeding onward. In any case, there’s a great deal to do in little Singapore! In the event that you’ve been travelling around Southeast Asia for some time, you’ll be grateful for a change in pace. In Singapore, you’ll locate a cosmopolitan vibe, international food and rooftop bars.


To date, this is as yet a standout amongst the most fascinating travel destinations we’ve been to. Wild and virtually immaculate by westernization, Mongolia is a place where you can camp out on the steppe under the stars, go trekking in the mountains, meet reindeer herders, rest in a ger (yurt) and experience an energizing and fascinatingly exceptional culture. Traveling Mongolia is an affair you’ll always remember.


This beautiful destination is for those keen on outside and culture. Cycle, climb and road trip your way through the mountains, volcanoes or alongside the Pacific Ocean. When you’ve had enough exercise, head back to the urban communities – Taipei in particular – and appreciate the vibes. Grab some Chinese sustenance and a craft brew and become more acquainted with the well-disposed locals.


This nation is at the crossroads among Asia and Europe, however, I’m adding it under “Europe” because it has a European vibe and was part of our Europe trip. As far as passage requirements, Georgia is at the top of the rundown of the best visa-free countries.

The passport holders of these four countries can stay in Georgia visa-free for a year. That’s correct, you have 365 days to drench yourself in the charming city of Tbilisi, investigate the various mountains, take a plunge in one of the many immaculate lakes, and feast on some tasty sustenance and wine.


This is another top decision with regards to visa-free countries in Europe. With historical urban communities, agreeable individuals, unblemished mountains, affordable travel and breathtaking coastal areas, Bulgaria appears to have it all. Try not to miss the fun things to do in Plovdiv, the capital of Sofia, the seaside area of Varna and obviously, the mountains around Bansko.


In case you’re looking for a standout amongst the best coastal visa-free countries, which also has various historical locales and mind-boggling nature and amenities that travellers want, at that point think about Croatia. The split is a decent place to base yourself for some time, which is exactly what we did. Dubrovnik is the staggering real-life Game Of Thrones set, Plitvice Lakes are a natural ponder, and the islands offshore are ideal for a sailing getaway. Croatia offers astounding value for cash.


Another easy nation to travel in for 3 months. Romania is another one of the visa-free countries that relatively few individuals talk about. With medieval, mountainous towns like Brașov and Bran, the clamouring city of Bucharest, exceptional people culture, dazzling nature and tasty nourishment, Romania should be on your European travel itinerary. Also, it has blazing fast wi-fi for us digital nomads and it’s a truly affordable place to visit.


Another nation that is often overlooked by travellers, Serbia has a ton to offer! This visa-free nation likes to get wild and is home to all-night parties and famous festivals, especially in the urban areas of Belgrade and Novi Sad. Be that as it may, it’s not just about the all-nighters in Serbia. The general population are warm and respecting, nature and national parks are beautiful, and the places of worship, strongholds and monasteries are not to be missed. In case you’re on the search for visa-free countries with a mind-blowing history, look no more distant than Serbia.

Republic of Ireland

These English-speaking visa-free countries are easy to get around autonomously and offer guests an inconceivable amount of history and architecture (castles!). The pub culture is always fun, the pints of the brew is varied and tasty and British nourishment is actually very great. The general population of The UK and Ireland are warm and inviting and have a great comical inclination – you’re certain to have a decent time here.


Another nation that ought to be on your rundown. Frustratingly for the amazing Kazakh people, Kazakhstan was originally known for being the home of Borat, yet trust me, it’s far beyond that. Try not to miss the cosmopolitan skyscraper city of Astana, the parks and lakes of Almaty, the Tian Shan Mountains and obviously, the villages.


Unquestionably a top decision for visa-free countries in South America. Regardless of whether it wasn’t visa-free, it’s as yet an amazing destination to visit. Climb to ancient destroys in the wilderness (the Ciudad Perdida), scuba makes a plunge crystal clear water, wander through pretty villages, learn about coffee generation and create long-lasting kinships with the locals.


Straddling the equator, this nation offers travellers an extremely assorted trek. From the Andes mountains to the Amazon wilderness and the great natural life of the Galápagos Islands, there’s something for everybody in Ecuador. In fact, Ecuador is actually a top destination among remote retirees and Digital Nomads.


Probably the most costly nation to travel around (and live) in South America… in any case, it merits each peso! Argentina is a fantastically various nation. Here you can visit glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, wineries, urban communities, salt flats and much more.

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