As coronavirus figures have subsided in Europe, many countries are now beginning or planning to open borders to the rest of the continent in an attempt to reactivate their tourist economies. In order to ensure the wellbeing of travelers and staff, airlines are now set to restore further services with clear procedures in place. Many travelers are already concerned about traveling as expected; with coronavirus, they are still likely to be with us for some time. Here in this post, we have a collection of some safest places to visit in europe during covid.

However, some destinations have been less impacted by COVID-19 than others and could be the best alternative this year for a summer or autumn holiday. We have picked our top picks from the countries outlined as the safest to visit in Europe in 2020 by The European Best Destination Organization (EBD). When their annual holiday plans were abruptly derailed by the Covid-19 pandemic, any ardent vacationer throughout the globe could be left in the lurch. But the tricky thing is where in Europe is it safe to travel? The COVID-19 has affected tourism badly, Here are the safest places to visit in europe during covid.

Although some destinations have totally closed their borders, others have opted to welcome the modern normal and, regardless of the dangers, pull travellers in. It is not a ranking of the most secure’ destinations or even those with a low COVID-19 case occurrence. At the beginning of the pandemic, Travel Off Route has become the travel pioneer in a COVID-19 world and we have studied the patterns where travellers are going and where they are raving around. These are the safest and hidden places to visit in Europe.

Algarve, Portugal

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

Portugal is one of the least impacted European countries by Covid – 19. Some pieces, including the Algarve, have been spared entirely. Algarve is a great destination for a post Coronavirus holiday, with beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, blue ocean, and breathtaking coves. It is nestled in Portugal’s southernmost area and is the perfect beach spot for families in the summer. Clean & Safe – The Portuguese Tourism Board has adopted the Safety Seal.

Romania, Sibiu

Located in the northwest of Bucharest, the Romanian capital, Sibiu is a stunning, historic city in Transylvania. For all types of vacationers: history buffs, thrill seekers, and nature lovers, it is a great summer beach vacation spot. Vacationers flock to it for its distinct history, tradition, cuisine, and eclectic architecture. Sibiu is the “European Capital of Culture” and is ranked “the 6th best tourist destination in Europe” and is known as one of the best quality of life destinations in Europe.

Tiflis, Georgia

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia (one of the countries least affected by Coronavirus), is an open-minded holiday destination with the right mix of culture and leisure. For lovers of gastronomy, history, variety, and architecture, it is a dream place. It is one such destination which has a guaranteed “wow” effect on its travelers. When nature wakes up from sleep, this place is breathtaking in autumn.

Corfu City, Greece

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

Corfu is a breathtaking Greek beach paradise and is a great destination after this draining time to rejuvenate yourself. If you are patiently waiting for a holiday that combines rest, nature, and heat, it is the place to be. It is another European destination unaffected by the terrible pandemic. Since many are not aware of this elegance, it is an overlooked tourism destination. Don’t overlook to visit the top attractions in Corfu, such as the Old Castle, Mouse Island, Sidari Beach, and Canal d’Amour.

Montenegro, Kotor

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

While there were relatively few instances of Covid-19 in Montenegro, during the pandemic, Kotor remained a green region. As part of the Venetian Works of Protection between the 15th and 17th centuries, Kotor’s fortified city is listed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among couples, foodies, visual freaks, nature lovers, and adventurous souls, it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. In this beautiful place, treat yourself to a holiday and make memories for a lifetime.

Warsaw, Poland

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

One of the most wonderful cities in Europe is Warsaw in Poland. This town has a wonderful past. The citizens of Warsaw will handle any problem head-on, and they will quickly rebound from it. Since surviving two global wars, Covid-19 is no big deal for them. This position has the right combination of modernization and tradition. As well as seeing urban features such as chic cafes, pubs, open-air shows, and ephemeral stores, you can find stunning museums and other architectural marvels.


 safest places to visit in europe during covid

The pandemic has affected Austria less than any European country. History lovers, couples, families looking for a safe and peaceful destination all year round flock to the magnificent city of Vienna. The number of violent offences is much smaller, which is another reason people choose to schedule a holiday here. It provides solace for city residents from their hustle-bustle life with its seductive parks and beautiful houses. This is why in summer, it is considered the safest place to go on a holiday.

Bohinj’s, Slovenia

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

Bohinj is a heaven on earth in Slovenia and is an excellent location for holidays for people who enjoy outdoor activities, wildlife, local items, trekking, crafts and local experiences. Bohinj is one of the best destinations for sustainable tourism in Europe, recognised by the European Commission.

Croatia’s Cavtat

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

For families, celebrities, lovers and fans of culture, gastronomy, nature and water sports, Cavtat is the destination.” Croatia is the European country where the coronavirus is the least affected. It is an amazing hamlet which is located in the Croatian county of Dubrovnik-Neretva. It is one of Europe’s most famous tourist destinations and has a lovely waterfront.

Azores Island

 safest places to visit in europe during covid

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Azores Island is one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries, an archipelago of nine islands. This is the place for you if you want to reconnect with nature and spend a quiet holiday. It offers endless activities such as whale watching, nature walks, watching dolphins, and local products for tasting. The entire landscape is filled with flora and fauna that are exotic and lush. For adventure seekers, it offers many adventure sports.


 safest places to visit in europe during covid

Back in June, Tanzania reopened to tourism, welcoming all countries. In East Africa, Tanzania is a country known for its stunning nature and adventure tourism. It has world-class snorkelling, unbelievable safaris, and rehabilitation of wildlife. It is one of the safest places to visit in europe during covid.


On July 15th, the President of the Maldives re-opened the country to international tourism. The 1190 coral islands and 26 atolls in the Maldives depend almost entirely on tourists, so any tourist they get is greatly appreciated. Combined with spectacular landscapes, overwater bungalows and high-end resorts make the Maldives one of the most stunning locations in the world.


Prior to the pandemic, Turkey was fast becoming one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. The country truly has something for everyone. It is a very beautiful place to visit. Hot air balloon in Capadoccia is the must thing to do.


Colombia has seen a massive tourist boom over the past 5 years and had a total of 4.5 million tourists in 2019. The country, once recognized for its drug trade and violence, has become much safer and is now ranked as one of the world’s top backpacking destinations.