The COVID-19 pandemic hindered international travel for most of 2020, but there is optimism that Americans will restore a sense of normalcy in 2021 in terms of when and how they will travel overseas as vaccinations are delivered and more countries reopen their borders to foreign visitors. Health will be the top priority for many and while at the time of COVID-19, things will change in a rush, there are a couple of possible destinations that stand out when it comes to providing both security and peace of mind to travelers. Here in this article, we have gathered some of the safest places to travel in 2021.

It can seem pointless to dream about holiday preparations for the year ahead from the bleak depths of a Northern Hemisphere winter like no other. For much of the world still in the jaws of the pandemic and vaccinations for so many of us a long way off, it may be thought of as at best reckless, at worst, outright dangerous to fly for fun.

Different post-corona viruses will look like travel, but this might not be a bad thing. Suddenly, towns that were once busy would be fun again, but many travelers are likely to settle for more remote escapes. But no matter what, next year we will be back in the skies. Then the question becomes, in 2021, where are you going to travel?

Botswana- Safest Places to Travel in 2021

Safest Places to Travel in 2021

Thanks to a swift reaction to close borders and enforcing a nation-wide lockout, Botswana is one of the African nations that has been least affected by Covid 19. For travelers who are uncomfortable crossing borders, but desperate for an escape, countries who have reduced the spread and behaved successfully would be the common first option. In the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert, there are several wonderful lodges that are remote and provide full board for travelers.


Now is as fine a time as ever to experience central Europe if you want to visit Europe and venture off the beaten track. Any of the most famous towns and cities of Hallstatt and Salzburg were once extremely crowded with visitors, but now they enjoy the beautiful ancient city from the tourist traffic. It would be a wonderful time to find these once-crowded destinations all to yourself right after Covid-19 when it is safe to fly again.


Safest Places to Travel in 2021

On the Greek Islands, Santorini is one of the first tourist hot spots in Europe to announce that it will open its doors to travelers.  We’re not sure, of course, what this would be like *just* yet. But if you can reach Santorini by ferry or yacht, this may be a golden chance to explore the once-populated island almost completely on your own. And there will be some fantastic specials to have for 2021, resulting in a previously pricey holiday being unexpectedly inexpensive. Greece will be as famous (and incredible) as ever if you’re wondering where to fly in 2021!


While Canada is still off-limits to Americans, a recent survey conducted by travel insurance provider Berkshire Hathaway Travel Security ranked it as the safest destination among respondents. Canada ranked as the best country in the world in all three age classes, with millennials, middle-aged and mature tourists all in support, in addition to treating the coronavirus pandemic better than others. Skiing, biking, camping, polar-bear spotting, and sighting of northern lights. Eclectic food, world-class shopping, a society that is vibrant and rich.

There is something swoon-worthy for any sort of tourist in the 13 provinces and territories that make up the world’s second-largest nation by total area. In the forests, glaciers, waterfalls, and Atlantic or Pacific coastlines, nature lovers take solace as refined palates nosh at restaurants with Michelin stars and hole-in-the-wall mainstays alike. Nightlife fans in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver can find exciting club scenes, while smaller cities like Edmonton and Calgary still know how to play.

The laid-back tourist has a bevy of chill options: including Tofino, the original hippie paradise of Canada; Kelowna, a picturesque wine country on the lakeside; and St. John’s, one of the friendliest locations in the country. It is one of the safest places to travel in 2021.

New Zealand

Safest Places to Travel in 2021

Another nation that has reacted well to the COVID-19 crisis is New Zealand, which stays closed to Americans going into the new year. On the 2020 Global Peace Ranking, Down ranks second under destination, also edging out Canada by four places. New Zealand is also listed by the U.S. in a Level 1 travel advisory (exercise standard precautions). Department of State.


Australia consistently scores well on the Global Peace Index, as its Oceania neighbor, and has also done remarkably well in terms of its treatment for the covid pandemic during 2020. Unfortunately, Australia will launch in 2021, like New Zealand, with its borders closed to hopeful U.S. leisure travelers.


Iceland remains similar to Americans entering 2021, ranking number one on the 2020 Global Peace Index, although its restrictions appear to mimic those of the European Union. For Iceland and the rest of Europe to open up to Americans sooner rather than later, the U.S. will need to see a drastic change in terms of COVID-19 cases in early 2021.


In terms of stability, Switzerland is a top-10 country but has failed in its recent handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Switzerland, like most countries, is a forever stable destination that Americans will have to continue dreaming of when it comes to non-essential travel for now.


In terms of both prosperity and satisfaction, Scandinavia, like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and, yes, Finland, ranks among the strongest in the world. Finland is the happiest country in the world, according to the Sustainable Development Strategies Network’s World Satisfaction Survey for the United Nations, followed by Denmark, with Norway and Sweden ranked fifth and seventh respectively. 


Italy was devastated in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, but according to the 2020 Global Peace Index, it has recovered well and still one of the most stable countries in the world. You can bet Americans can rush to this coveted cultural destination as Europe finally reopens to U.S. leisure travelers.


Safest Places to Travel in 2021

Since the pandemic has compelled the U.S. Singapore is one of only five locations identified on Level 1 (exercise usual precautions) on the four-level scale of the State Department going into January, in order to increase its travel warning thresholds for several destinations that would otherwise be deemed safe to visit. The city-state of the sovereign island also placed seventh on the Global Peace Index 2020

Thailand-Safest Places to Travel in 2021

Thailand will be one of the happiest destinations in the world in 2021, also in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. A level 1 travel warning (exercise usual precautions) from the U.S. was recently received by the Asian hotspot. The State Department and a Level 1 Travel Health Alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Low Level of COVID-19).