Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful bay that’s protected by 100-meter high precipices on three sides. Inside the bay there are several beaches, most are small and some solitary exist at low tide. The beach is a 200-meter long beach and has brilliant coral and colorful fish in exceptionally clear water; the entire bay is one major reef. Here in this post, we will enlighten our watchers all regarding Maya bay beach.

Maya Bay has become the main tourist attraction of Phi since The Beach was shot here in 1999. The movie made the beach very famous among people. Beautiful it is confined it isn’t – thousands of individuals visit each day. The best season and time to visit Maya Bay is in November and April. Difficult situations from May to October may hinder access however rarely deny passage.

Attempt to visit early in the morning or after 17:00 and you’ll avoid the groups. Please note that on the off chance that you enter the bay without anyone else there is a National Park section expense of 400 baht. This expense is included in the cost of a tour. The bad news; as it’s so beautiful and so notable many boats are required to ship all the visitors in and out. On any given day at any time, there are large ship boats carrying several snorkelers and tourists secured in more profound water.

The Beach

maya bay beach

The Beach by Alex Garland is about youthful travelers who drop out of society and go to live in a shrouded lagoon in Southern Thailand. Fox purchased the rights to the book, joined Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead job and then searched for a location. Maya Bay was great. Fox chose that the ideal beach required a beautiful place with sandy views and large palm trees. Environmentalists suggested that removing vegetation would cause danger of sand disintegration and that the delicate natural biological system may not ever recuperate.

After the shooting, the vegetation was replanted. Following a year when elevated tides and a solid storm the hill collapsed, the sand streamed down the beach and killed coral in the sea beneath. Fox put forth an admirable attempt to leave Maya Bay as they discovered it, be that as it may, many people still believe the damage was because of the film. Filming initiated in 1999 and ‘The Beach’ was one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of 2000. The film is referred to by many tourists as the inspiration for their outing to Thailand.

Facilities in Maya Bay

Small Shop near beach sells snacks and also drinks. There are toilets too near the beach yet you’d possibly want to utilize them in case you’re desperate. There is no nourishment available here; the individuals who camp must bring their own.

Activities in Maya Bay

maya bay beach

Snorkeling and diving are brilliant all through the bay, large underwater stones are encrusted with coral and splendidly hued fish are various. Permeability is amazing. Many tour companies bring visitors here to snorkel from Phuket, Krabi and Phi Don. Tour Agents in Phi Don has started to advertise organized camping on ‘The Beach’, drinking is usually part of the good times. Right now, camping is just allowed on alternate evenings.

Getting to Maya Bay

maya bay beach

From Phi Don, you can lease a longtail for 1,000 baht (US$ 32) for three hours or for 2,000 baht (US$ 64) for an entire day, max four individuals. Speedboats are 3,500 baht (US$ 110) for half-day or 6,000 baht (US$ 190) for an entire day, a maximum of six individuals.

There are also many various types of boat tours that take in Maya Bay combined with other locales. Various kinds of boats are utilized, for example, longtails, speedboats and ship boats. Tours are generally evaluated at around 500-1,000 baht (US$ 16-32), depending on the kind of boat utilized and the duration of the tour.

Take a Long Tail Boat

If you have a group and you book a boat for the entire group you’ll end up saving a lot of money, and the more individuals you get the chance to take the tour, the more you can isolate the expense by. When we visited the beach we paid 600 baht each to the boat and service providers. If you book the boat =in group, it costs very less.

I found the same cost on Getyourguide (linked here) that you can book ahead on the off chance that you want to have it pre-arranged and guarantee a decent cost. In the event that you have a gathering and can get a boat to yourself, the other advantage is moving at your own pace. You can snorkel longer on the off chance that you want, play with the monkeys longer, or simply sunbathe.

Bring Snorkel Gear -Maya Bay Beach

Make sure respectable snorkel gear will be on the boat and ask for the boat driver to bring water with him in the morning because it gets sweltering once the sun rises. Also, make sure he brings a water-safe bag for cameras and telephones to take up to the beach. Almost all boats offer these decent things! Try not to bring anything other than that! Wearing a bathing suit and sarong is all you need.