Japan is a fascinating destination. Here, you’ll find a seamless mix of old traditions and new technology. It’s the kind of place where individuals will wait patiently in line for water after a natural disaster, yet socially apparition you on the off chance that you accidentally offend them. It is very difficult to list all the things which you should be taking care of while in Japan. However here in this article, we will let you know about all the facts to know before traveling to Japan.

Whether you’re headed to Japan for a short vacation or making a permanent move, there’s a ton to know before you get here. You might have heard before that Japanese individual has severe, stylistic forms of decorum, however, you may not realize that some of your base instincts might go totally against Japanese culture. For example, my instinct to laugh uproariously and heartily is often met by embarrassment from my Japanese companions.

For many individuals, part of the enjoyment of going to a foreign country for the first run-through is getting out of the comfort zone and experiencing another culture that’s altogether different from their own. Here are some tips I learned that can help prepare you for your outing! And then there are some things that you can’t prepare for without some insider knowledge. Basic things like how you walk, eat, and speak can impact your experience for the better or the more regrettable, so here’s a list of facts to Know Before You Go to Japan.

Safety in Japan is High

Facts To Know Before Travelling to Japan

The best thing about Japan is that it is a very safe country. Anyone can visit Japan and enjoy their trip. It is a very safe destination for solo female travelers too. But safety precautions are must be taken.

Cash in Japan rules

Cash is king in Japan. Laborers are usually paid in cash and most businesses and administrations, including restaurants and shops, accept only cash. Your inn and some enormous department stores will usually take credit however always check first. That said, make sure to always have a lot of yen in your wallet in request to avoid awkward conversations that can easily get lost in translation. 

Buying a Rail Pass in Japan is Totally Worth it

Facts To Know Before Travelling to Japan

A Japan Rail Pass can help save you a lot of money, especially in the event that you are planning to travel around a particular region or the entire country. Remember that passes are valid for a certain number of days within a seven, 14, or 21-day time frame and cannot be used on the Nozomi trains.

The Metro in Japan Is Not 24 hours

Facts To Know Before Travelling to Japan

It may appear to be shocking that a country loaded up with so many conveniences doesn’t have a 24-hour train framework, however, it’s actual — even in the glittering, very much oiled Tokyo. When planning your night out, hope to make a mad dash for the last train. Depending on where you are, you’ll have to be through the entryways anywhere between 11:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Missing the train can be a costly (however adventurous) mistake, leaving you to depend on an expensive cab.

Lots of Drunk Businessmen On Trains in Japan

It’s not the most becoming part of their way of life, however it happens — as often as possible. While the majority of Japanese society is unassuming, you’re probably going to go over drunk Japanese businessmen. Part of the diehard Japanese work culture is that businessmen will go out for drinks after work and liquor heavily. 

Trash Cans are Few and Far Between

You won’t find many open trash cans in Japan, so it’s handy to keep a plastic bag with you to be safe. This is especially useful in the event that you plan on eating road nourishment!

Pocked Wi-Fi in Japan

Renting a pocket Wi-Fi is the best thing to do in Japan and is a lifesaver. Since the country is massive so you have to be dependent on Google Maps the whole time for walking directions as well as planning our courses via subway/train, both within the city and between cities. It was amazingly useful to have a versatile hotspot available on all occasions.

Credit Card Accepted in Many Places

Facts To Know Before Travelling to Japan

There are a few small shops and road sellers that only accepted cash. Be that as it may, for me, it wasn’t any different than any other international excursion I’ve taken. Definitely bring cash with you, yet know that you can still utilize your card at many restaurants and shops.

Some Restaurants Will Ask you to Remove your Shoes

I went to one restaurant where we had to remove our shoes at the entry, after which the lady put our shoes in a cubby behind the lady stand. At another restaurant, we removed our shoes at the table and tucked them beside our stall. Only a heads up, you ought to always wear socks!

Be Respectful Of the Rules on the Subway

Individuals take the rules truly, and you ought to too! Be calm and considerate when you utilize open transportation. That means no talking on PDAs and no nourishment or drinks. Make sure you don’t sit in priority seats held for pregnant ladies, older individuals, or individuals with disabilities. Be certain to line up on the left half of the entryway on the subway platform, and wait for individuals on the train to exit before getting on.

Department Stores are a Foodie Paradise

Go to the basement level of Japanese department stores for a nourishment darling’s paradise! Imagine the gems counter at your local department store yet instead of gems, it’s loaded up with tasty nourishment of each kind!

Tattoos Are Still a Little Taboo

Tattoos are becoming more common, however, there is still some social stigma attached to them. On the off chance that you plan on visiting a traditional onsen (underground aquifer took care of open bathhouse), the greater part of the facilities will not allow individuals with tattoos to enter. I carried some tape to cover mine, in the event that something goes wrong.

Get Used To High Tech Toilets -Facts To Know Before Travelling to Japan

Western-style toilets in Japan have more electronic options than you at any point thought conceivable heated seat, bidet, deodorizer. And that’s simply to name a few! At some shrines, sanctuaries, and more seasoned buildings. Squatting over it can be a physical challenge for some foreigners to utilize, however, many open bathrooms will have the two options available.