Elephant Mountain in Taipei is the ideal climb. It’s strenuous enough that you’ll get a touch of activity and feel a little cultivated when you finish however it’s not all that genuine that you need to make broad arrangements to overcome it. Goodness better believes it, and it has probably the best perspectives on Taipei and a very amazing place to visit. In this article, I’ll let you know everything you have to think about elephant mountain Taipei and give you some uncommon tips with the goal that you have an incredible encounter.

Elephant Mountain or 象山 is one spot that is known as having the best perspective of Taipei . In addition to the fact that it has incredible perspectives on Taipei city, but at the same time it’s a mainstream spot for local people to exercise and tourists to climb. It’s anything but difficult to get the chance to, free and a pleasant action for all visitors. Here is all you have to think about visiting.

What is Elephant Mountain?

elephant mountain taipei

Elephant Mountain is one of the most well-known attractions in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s basically a long trail of around 600 stairs that leads you up to a progression of post points and platforms, offering you wonderful perspectives on Taiwan and particularly Taipei 101. There are various peaks you can cross in this arrangement of trails that will keep you occupied for two or three hours yet Elephant Mountain is by the far the most well known and open.

Taipei is perhaps the best city to go in, yet foreign tourists haven’t exactly found it yet. Great! There are bunches of things you ‘must’ do while exploring Taipei, such as eating dessert crap in the Modern Toilet café for instance, yet one thing you mustn’t miss is the climb up Elephant Mountain Taipei. It offers staggering perspectives on Taipei both day and night, and it’s a speedy, 20-minute climb, effectively available straightforwardly from the city.

Time of Day/Opening Hours

elephant mountain taipei

Elephant Mountain – Skyline View: Most great and ideal for a decent shot in the early morning or early evening. Toward the evening, the sky is regularly not clear. The path is well-lit in the evening.

Taipei World Trade Center 101: The outside observatory opens if weather grants, check the huge board over the ticket counter before you buy the tickets. Opening hours from 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Elephant Mountain Viewing Platforms

elephant mountain taipei

There will be a couple of various platforms that are ideal for photographs. None of these are especially huge. This wasn’t an issue when I visited on a Tuesday morning around 8 am nevertheless this would definitely be an issue on an end of the week or occasion when trying to get photographs. In those cases, you’ll definitely need to arrive right on time to ensure that you secure a spot. Furthermore, I would prefer even not to think about how bustling Elephant Mountain jumps on New Years! There are fundamentally two main viewing platforms. The first is situated partially through the path

How to Avoid Crowds on the Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain is a mainstream place, and the view is for nothing, the explanation that it is constantly somewhat occupied. Be that as it may, the perspective on the skyline is marvelous and an absolute necessity when visiting Taipei. Indeed, even in the rain, individuals walk tough for this incredible experience as we did. For Chinese New Year’s (normally late January or early February) firecrackers; individuals even come here a day before to involve the correct spot. Our tips to avoid the crowds at practically whenever for the top of the TWTC 101 and the Elephant Mountain:

Arrive right on time to avoid the crowds. It’s in vogue for the nightfall and the city lighting. Avoid visiting at an end of the week which as of now begins on Friday late morning. In the event that the weather is fine, it’s increasingly packed. June is additionally a most loved month because of the Computex; the greatest IT Show in Asia. The notorious milestone might be one of the top attractions separated from exhibition halls and sanctuaries in Taipei. During our visit on a Friday, Already too numerous individuals lined up, waiting time around one hour to get up and one hour to get down. We chose to see the skyline, including the huge 101 Tower from above and strolled to Elephant Mountain. On the top of the Elephant Mountain Hill with a marvelous view to the TWTC 101 in Taipei

Elephant Mountain Taipei Weather

From April until October temps can be upsetting hot with high stickiness in daytime. In summer (June/July/August) day temps are around 30°C and in winter (December/January/February) about 20°C while evenings are cold with under 10°C. Most precipitation from May to September yet a dry season doesn’t exist. The driest months are November to January with rainfall by and large under 100 mm. February, March, and April are additionally a decent time for Taiwan and Taipei.

Peak Season

Your experience can get spoilt during the mid-year months and Chinese New Year. There are high as can be costs, accommodations are regularly completely reserved, and numerous spots are overwhelmed. Same in June when the Computex happens.

Top Accommodation Tip

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, with an expected populace of right around 3,000,000 individuals. Choosing the ideal area for a visit to Taipei is significant.You may likewise prefer to visit the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Therefore, it bodes well to remain in the downtown area near these attractions. We suggest the Dandy Hotel-Daan Park Branch with a magnificent area. Breakfast is given, and there are numerous outstanding eateries within walking separation.

Tips for Elephant Mountain

  • Attempt to go promptly in the morning on a weekday in the event that you would prefer not to associate with crowds. I went on a Tuesday morning around 9 AM and there weren’t numerous individuals there, for the most part, local people exercising. Be that as it may, come around 4 PM toward the end of the week for the dusk, it becomes busy. So stake out a spot on the off chance that you need that epic nightfall photo of Taipei.
  • Wear tennis shoes/running shoes. It is anything but a long climb however like I stated, it’s lofty and you’ll require comfortable garments and great shoes.
  • It’s a short trail so no guide required, there is no extra charge.