It is an exciting experience to plan a trip abroad, especially your first one. For travel inspiration, you browse through Pinterest and Instagram, shop for the right backpack, and use sites such as Skyscanner and Agoda to score cheaper prices and affordable destinations. You’re all set for the next adventure of yours… right? Sadly, if your travel planning ends there, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to a variety of travel errors that you can usually prevent. This post will unveil certain things you can not do while travelling, based on my own experience. Here we have discussed all the common travel mistakes.

Among visa requirements, visitor scams, voltage variations, local traditions and travel etiquette, it requires more time and preparation to plan for a journey abroad than a local getaway. Having said that, a touch of planning goes a long way. With these tips and tricks for travel in mind, you will be able to prevent some of the most common Travel failures, and spend your time in a foreign country loving your time. Travelers make lots of travel errors that lead to wasted money, lost time, and missed opportunities. It’s easy to say what to do, but occasionally we fail to say no. These are the travel tips and useful information that will make your travel easier.

In an increasingly new and linked world, a lot of the old traditional travel wisdom (using traveller checks or booking early) is out of date. I think we keep a lot of misconceptions running high by not asking travellers “Hey, don’t do this anymore”. We, insiders, know the tricks, but they can not, until we tell the general public! So today, I want to share with you some of the famous travel errors that you can prevent. In the past, I’ve made a lot of these failures, but doing something wrong teaches you how to do them right. You’ll fly quicker, smarter, and longer if you skip these basic mistakes. These tips will help you get a smoother trip.


Because of weather or money constraints. Be mindful when it takes to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’. Factor in extra time for potential delays, additional recovery time. Note, in one visit you do not explore the entire nation; preparing to do so would make you feel unfulfilled.


Pack just what you need and know you are going to need, not what you hope you are going to need. Purchase the remaining at your destination (possibly at a fraction of the price). When totally packed, check everything you have and try a little bit more to reduce the load. To stop bringing the extra weight, find out 15 things you don’t need to pack.

Blindly Trusting the First Directions you Get From a Local

Cast a detailed net of instructions. Ask for directions to the same location from more than one person. Please accept their assistance and search for additional support on the next path. Go for the majority in general.

Relying Totally on Guide Books

Guidebooks are made to inform, not to describe, your journeys. Put down the guidebook and chat at the destination with other travellers and individuals. Enable yourself to travel on your own initiative and use it; there is much more to a location than in any guidebook. It is one of the most common travel mistakes.

Short on Money

Your budget should be viewed as a means to explore the place more dynamically and more authentically, not as a limitation. You should stick to making a balanced budget and provide some breathing space for unforeseen expenditures. Schedule weekly transfers from your savings to your check (like a paycheck) if you are travelling long-term, so you know precisely what you are able to spend.

Not Backing Up Your Phone

On a daily basis, archive images on a CD/DVD/USB drive or host them online on sites such as Picasa and Flickr, or on the FTP of your own page. This is a very heartbreaking mistake, but it is better to stop it. One of the most important items you get from your travels is your memories. Back up more than once, if possible.

Missing Connecting Flight

To prepare for any potential “delay” situation, give yourself at least a few hours between flights. The Philadelphia airport reports, for example, that it will arrive at the airport 2 hours before the planned flight departure time.

Double Checking

For everything from hotels, planes, trains, buses, etc., double-check the records and reservations. Still validate the time and place, and make sure they are properly arranged. Often, verify that the name on your flight reservation is spelt correctly. It is one of the most common travel mistakes.

Not Buying Insurance

Spending an extra few bucks would provide you with bonus of feeling safer if anything happens. To see what is included and if it suits your needs, read the fine prints. This is where you can learn more about travel insurance.

Future Foreign Transaction

If you wish to stop getting your debit card cancelled because of “unusual activity,” inform the bank of all the countries you are travelling in advance so that they know that you are using the card. Plus, many multinational banks have overseas subsidiaries and joint ventures that would lose their ATM payments.

Consider Different Time Zone when Booking

 Common Travel Mistakes

Corroborate the various time zones between “A” and “B” areas, how long it takes to get there, and how many time zones you travel through. Factor this into the scheduling of the bookings. Even, during the first days, understand the potential consequences of jet-lag, or better yet, learn how to stop jet-lag.

Not Making Copies of Important Documents

Have with you a paper copy of your documents (passport, IDs, travel insurance policies, credit cards) and a secure digital copy (password-protected .pdf if possible) on a hidden email address that you can easily reach. Copies allow the authentication of your identity and speed up the renewal process in the event of missing the original papers.

Large Currency Exchanging

 Common Travel Mistakes

Only enough exchange to protect you before you get to your destination at the first ATM or good-rate exchange kiosk. Or, right before you get there, withdraw money from an ATM, just don’t use the airport exchange kiosks. They’ve got terrible payments and costs.

Arriving at the Wrong Airport

When flying to major cities with many connecting flights and entering mant airports, do check reservation to ensure which airport is right and which terminal is right. Trust me, this mistake could cost you a great deal.

Sticking to the Tourist Trail

 Common Travel Mistakes

Dare to explore the most often performed and seen outside. Build special things of your own; don’t simply imitate what others have done.

Flashy Items Tempt PickPockets

Using common sense and the valuables are not revealed. Currently, do not wear them if you don’t need them. As for DSLR cameras, laptops and pricey devices, take them with you, concealed in a locked box, and use them as needed. It is one of the most common travel mistakes.

Being Culturally Insensitive

 Common Travel Mistakes

Test to understand the society in which you fly and the climate. Having an open mind can help you properly blend, appreciate and learn the community in a more engaging manner, and accidentally stop offending them.

Having All Your Money in a Single Place

Do not bring in the same basket all the “eggs.” Stop holding so much money and store it in separate “safe” locations.

Hidden Foreign Charges

 Common Travel Mistakes

Contact the bank to make sure what the foreign buying transaction rate is. Keep in mind, they will also charge the “foreign transaction” fee and though foreign businesses charge you in the usual currency (i.e. US dollar). More about the best travel credit cards is discussed on this page.

Not Doing Research

By at least doing a small Google search, stop arriving at a destination and not knowing what to do. Get info on future things to do and the place’s fascinating past. The more homework you do and the more you know in advance, the more chances you have of enjoying the place.