Sri Lanka is genuinely spellbinding and will suit any voyager’s interests with its top tourist attractions. The small island country is packed with experience activities like surfing and trekking. There are several very religious sites for the religious fan and inconceivable historical relics for history buffs in Sri Lanka. Be that as it may, nobody can dispute Sri Lanka’s amazing regular excellence. Whether it be on the way to an ideal surf break, visiting a historical site or on a journey, lush greenery and outlandish animals are never far away. Here we have some best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka might be a small island in the Indian Ocean however that is the main thing small about it. The nation, some time ago known as Ceylon, boasts an antiquated human advancement, brilliant sandy beaches with their swaying coconut palms, mountains, and elastic and tea plantations. While visiting the island, you’ll see pioneer architecture from the days when the Portuguese, Dutch and English ruled. You’ll see lots of elephants, some of which take an interest in neighbourhood festivals and, in case you’re fortunate, perhaps a panther or two at an untamed life sanctuary.

In this beguiling island, you will have the chance to understanding and see such a significant number of various things. From delightful beaches to antiquated ruins, from picturesque cities to nearby temples, also the astonishing diversity of its untamed life, fortunately, Sri Lanka entered in travellers radar just recently. It means that currently is the ideal time to get on a plane and go there! Here is a list of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka for first-time visitors that will transform your movement into a groundbreaking background. Have a look!

Nine Arch Bridge

One of Sri Lanka’s most famous sights is the Nine Arch Bridge in the small mountain town of Ella. This perspective offers spectacular panoramas of the surrounding region, which is comprised of verdant greenery and tea fields. Visitors can watch trains move over the bridge as they advance along the Damodara Loop. Constructed at the beginning of the railroad expansion in Sri Lanka, the bridge is especially impressive because it is made of bone, stone and block, without the use of any steel.


Mihintale is a mountain close to the town of Anuradhapura. Its summit has much spiritual significance to the Buddhist people group. It’s trusted that on this peak a Buddhist priest named Mahinda met King Devanampiyatissa and together this gathering acquainted Buddhism with the nation. Priest Mahinda impressed the King with the peacefulness of the Buddhist teaching and his placated, serene nature. The King subsequently denied war and proceeded to spread harmony all through the country. There are several impressive religious and historical structures nearby Mihintale Mountain. Hundreds of pilgrims visit the site every year.


This white sand shoreline in the small seaside town of Unawatuna is an extraordinary place to unwind. There are various snorkelling and jumping operators around the local area who exploit the bounty of coral reefs just off the shoreline. Brilliant fish and abundant turtles are the standards in these waters. There are various extraordinary feasting options along the shoreline, which welcome visitors to use their sun loungers and loosen up the day away with a beverage close by.

Kataragama Festival

A standout amongst the most prevalent tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, the Kataragama Festival takes to put each year in July or August and is devoted to one of the Hindu gods. It takes to put over a fourteen-day time span and individuals from everywhere throughout the world come to participate. The festival is stick stuffed with parades of elephants and vividly dressed performers. There are countless conventional dances that happen; with musicians, acrobats, and fire-breathers sustaining into the festival’s contagious vitality.

Udawalawe National Park

There are few places on the planet where elephant sightings are so visited. Be that as it may, elephants are by all account not the only animals to see inside Udawalawe National Park; peacocks, jackals, water wild ox, crocodiles, monkeys and deer also wander the zone. Safaris are most prevalent in the early morning hours when animals are at their most dynamic. The biodiversity of the park can be credited to its changed landscape; it is flanked by mountain ranges to the north with wetlands and rivers embracing the grasslands and forests at the base of the mountains.

Ravana Falls

The lovely Ravana Falls are used for showering in the sweltering summer months. In the blustery season, the water stream is astoundingly strong and is an impressive sight. The falls are a piece of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, and the adjacent cave complex is wealthy in neighbourhood legend. Strategically placed on the primary street while in transit to Ella town, the caves are a typical stop off point for visitors amid their voyage. Numerous shameless monkeys live in the surrounding trees and they are often seen on the roadside eating on an organic product. Be that as it may, don’t give them a chance to get too close, as sometimes they can get over-accommodating with visitors.

Dambulla Cave Temple

There is no passage charge to get into the temple on full-moon days; notwithstanding, these days are especially busy because of the religious significance of this lunar phase. Devotees from everywhere throughout the world make a journey to this place. There are more than 80 caves reported in the territory, however,r the most famous five are furnished with impressive statues and paintings. Some of the caves go back to 1000 BC, when prehistoric Sri Lankans would have lived inside them, so it is unsurprising that they would have made temples inside around then. In the event that you do plan to visit, please know that visitors must cover their shoulders and legs and evacuate shoes before entering the temple.


Mirissa is a definitive Sri Lankan shoreline escape. The lovely long shoreline is flanked by tall overhanging palm trees and fixed with current restaurants and hotels. The restaurants have western style sustenance at Sri Lankan prices. Just off the shoreline is Parrot Rock. It has a small staircase prompting the top that offers extraordinary views of the sea and coastline. Day trips from Mirissa incorporate whale watching, snorkelling and surfing. Weligama, just a couple of kilometres from Mirissa, is a standout amongst the best beaches in Sri Lanka to master surfing. Come party time and into the night, numerous the restaurants transform their venues into shoreline clubs and syphon out drinks and tunes.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is worshipped by surfers. The Main Point surf break is inside strolling distance from the town focus, yet is suggested for cutting edge or middle of the road surfers. Otherwise, Whiskey Point or Peanut Farm are two extraordinary surf beaches for tenderfoot and middle of the road surfers; a short tuk-tuk ride will take you there. Often elephants and peacocks can be spotted beside the street, just outside of town. The fundamental strip in Arugam Bay town is fixed with restaurants and hotels where you can feast on anything from customary Sri Lankan curry to full English breakfasts.

Temple of the Tooth

The Temple of the Tooth is an exceedingly sacred place. The temple contains one of Buddha’s teeth. It was smuggled in the hair of a princess after her father’s kingdom had been besieged. It promptly turned into an object of incredible significance and has been praised and strutted since forever. In any case, numerous attempts have also been made to steal or destroy the tooth. Twice day by day, pujas are held to commend the relic and offer visitors and devotees the opportunity to get a glimpse of the tooth inside its casing.

Adam’s Peak

At the summit of Adam’s Peak is an impression cast in stone. It has spiritual significance to various diverse religions, nonetheless, there is as of now a Buddhist monastery at the summit. To the Buddhists, the impression is that of Buddha’s; to Christians, the impression is Adam’s; and to Hindus, the impression is credited to Shiva. The site is a mainstream place of the journey, especially on full moon nights. The trek to the top of the mountain to see the impression is by means of a steep staircase containing more than 5000 steps. The trail is fixed with numerous tea stalls and sustenance shops which go about as places of rest. Most individuals start their climb at 2:30 am to achieve the summit in time for sunrise.

Galle Fort

It is easy to become mixed up in the cobblestoned alleyways and streets inside Galle Fort. Today the territory is brimming with current restaurants, hotels, garments, and souvenir shops. In the interim, snake charmers and buskers line the seawall. In any case, the fort was not always such a cosmopolitan spot. A basic fort was constructed by the Portuguese when they made their first arrival to the island in 1505. At the point when the Dutch in the end seized control of Galle, they made various improvements; including the enormous sea divider that still lines the fort. Galle Fort is a magnificent case of what the synthesis among European and Asian architecture looks like.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is comprised of spellbinding vistas and a genuine plenitude of Sri Lankan untamed life. It has the highest density of leopards on the planet, so chances of seeing them are high. Despite the fact that leopards are the fundamental fascination here, they are pursued closely by elephants, sloth bears and crocodiles. The park is isolated into five blocks; some of which were zoned to hunters until Yala turned into a national park in 1938. Ensure you set aside a few minutes to visit the extremely instructive visitor focus at the passage of the park for insightful displays about the territory.

Sigiriya Rock Fort

Sigiriya Rock Fort is totally impressive. The rock walls rise up 200 meters from the beginning, to offer the path to a level at their summit. There are steep stairwells to achieve the top and numerous frescos to wonder about in transit up. At the top, you can discover the remains of an old development, including relics of a castle and monastery. It would have taken genuine designing inventiveness to manufacture a structure at this tallness such a significant number of centuries prior. Around the rock fort are numerous vital caves and gardens; impressively, they are some of the first landscaped gardens on the planet.

Gal Viharaya

Visitors can discover Gal Viharaya in the antiquated city of Polonnaruwa. Gal Viharaya is a famous Buddhist site and is commended for its numerous caves and expansive sculptures of Buddha which are cut into the rock faces. They are greatly preserved, despite the fact that they were created in the twelfth century. To the side of one of the statues, a set of accepted rules is inscribed. The code, when pursued, was intended to decontaminate the Buddhist monks and unite them under one request. It was made by an extremely famous lord: King Parakramabahu the first. Today, Gal Viharaya is one of Sri Lanka’s most well-known sites of the journey.

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