Encased by the snow-clad mountains and the gleaming lakes makes a beautiful scene on earth which is known as Kashmir. This territory of India is absolutely separated into three districts to be specific Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh which is secured by the powerful scopes of the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal go. Because of the different pleasant places to visit in Kashmir, it is regularly alluded to as India’s Switzerland, as the spot is honoured with the grandest perspectives which merit a visit. The state has a not insignificant rundown of places which mirrors nature’s magnificence taking care of business which can’t be missed by any traveller. Previously we talked about best places to visit in Russia. Here in this post, we will talk about Best Places To Travel in Kashmir.

What you are going to peruse will spellbind you to the point that you begin to wobble, shake and disturb in your own one of a kind seat out of fervor and pizzazz to travel to Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Pakistan is home to places that power you to wonder in the greatness of fascinating normal magnificence. Nothing matches its essentialness and it is nothing similar to anyplace else. No big surprise, despite everything we are quarrelling with our boisterous neighbours over the hold of this Paradise.

Azad Kashmir is an all-around perceived paradise. This bit of the country is prestigious all around the world as high as mountains can be; rich green valleys, incredible conduits, great lakes, and astonishing untamed life. Thinking of where to design your next get-away? Europe can pause; you rather need to rely on the top attractions in the World.

Neelum Valley

Best Places To Travel in Kashmir

Tourist attractions are required to enthrall. This one is without a doubt. You will find blue waters and greenery, as stunning as anything. This is God’s heavenly blessing situated in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.


Since it is just 80 km, it without a doubt implies you can undoubtedly arrive at the zone and take advantage of it on the off chance that you are the national capital or Rawalpindi. Being a northern zone, it will undoubtedly be a savage in winter, so it is constantly prompted that you visit in summer.

Banjosa Lake

Best Places To Travel in Kashmir

You will definitely find your way here in the event that you get around Rawalkot. This is in a perfect world the zone boasting a lot of greenery. Green is the shading you will find here for the most part, trailed by a touch of contouring by red. Over an unmistakable lake are tall trees covering an enormous region past. You more often than not require heading out there in summer because of affable climate, since temperature barely surpasses 25°C.

Jhelum Valley

This specific valley of Azad Kashmir is a large group of local and international tourists, crowding all around in summer. A characteristic miracle that individuals appear to find is the curling waterway passing from East to West in the midst of the immense mountains. A locale called, “Leepa Valley” in Jhelum is one of the well-known tourist attractions individuals long to visit.

Ramkot Fort

Best Places To Travel in Kashmir

This fort speaks of contemporary Muslim military plan of buildings. The foundation of this fortress has a place with the deserted relics found by Muslims. This zone establishes fervour for individuals hit with a hunger for something new.

Toli Pir

Simply take a gander at it! Simply take a gander at how far it goes. It appears to have everything as far as greenery you could request in an area. A popular pinnacle that you will find your way about on the off chance that you head to Rawalkot, or on the off chance that you don’t know about it, you will find out about it while you remain in Rawalkot. Found 8800′ above ocean level, this pinnacle makes you sense that you are on top of everything.

Pir Chinasi

Best Places To Travel in Kashmir

You are on the kept running for your understanding just as your security. Regardless of its alluring area, you generally require being extremely wary of moving around. A best in class nature of greatness oozed in each side of this territory. The lavishing greenery is the thing that pulls in tourists from the whole way across Pakistan. Surrounding the zone are pine and oak trees which sprout during summer, while remain covered in snow during winters.

Leepa Valley-Best Places To Travel in Kashmir

Might you be able to accept this is Pakistan? Certainly, this the kind of area that would drive you to rub your eyes twice to recognize reality. The Leepa Valley definitely elevates the estimation of Azad Kashmir as one of the top tourist attractions in Pakistan.There is additionally numerous offices of commuting in nearby jeeps that work from after you cross Reshian.

Red Fort

Best Places To Travel in Kashmir

It is known to be one of the posts in Pakistan you should visit. This fortress is a top zone for archeologists and travel devotees who like to look in the history of this district. You may think of it as a ruin now, yet it has withstood numerous debacles and needs improvement. However, this zone is a wonderful gem,This area is a prominent legacy site of Kashmir.

Shounter Lake

Essentially offering everything that talks about brilliant the compelling force of nature. Appear around there during May to August; the atmosphere is your companion and the offices gave to reach here are top-indent. You can undoubtedly board a Jeep from Kel, Neelum Valley.


Broadly known as the ‘Glade of Flowers’, Gulmarg is a treat to the eyes with its spread of lively blooms against snow-topped mountains as foundations. This locale of Kashmir is otherwise called the swashbuckler’s heaven as a result of its immense alternatives of skiing in the day off enjoying the perspectives around.


Sonamarg, as the name proposes, is renowned as the ‘Glade of Gold’. A perpetual stream of stunning blossoms and undulated trekking courses are its attractions. Sonamarg must be in each visitor’s rundown of places to visit in Kashmir for its mesmerizing atmosphere and breathtaking perspectives.


Leh is truly outstanding and safe places to visit in Kashmir in summers. The elevated mountains, the alpine lakes, and the quaint settings empower Leh probably the best spot to visit. This spot is each biker’s fantasy land. Clad in the excellence and love of nature, Leh offers breathtaking perspectives, leaving no visitor disappointed.


Kupwara is a little region situated in the territory of Jammu and Kashmir and arranged a good ways off of 90 Kms from the state capital, Srinagar. Favoured with nature’s finest perspectives, the thriving knolls, alpine mountains, and the gushing clear water make Kupwara an absolute necessity visit destination in Kashmir.