Known for its iconic skyline of elevated structures, red dunes, and amazing spots for all ages and interests, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has gained the attention of the world with its various developments. The top places in the UAE are some of the world’s most popular extravagance and adventure destinations for your family. From skyscrapers, shopping, and sandy shores – there is a lot of best adventures to do in UAE. The nation has a rich history and a wide coastline even before the skyscrapers were there.

The diverse range of activities is ideal for extravagance brand lovers, nature enthusiasts, and each adventure buff, for you and your kids. On the off chance that you are wondering about the best things to do in Dubai, this post is for you as here you will find out about the best activities in Dubai. Whether you visit as a tourist for a short time, stay longer or are an expat – this list of 50 fun things to do will give you a good idea about what to do in this crazy city.

So whether you are already there, or you will head there soon, these are fun activities to do in Dubai (some of them are free activities, some cost somewhat, some are for the wild ones, some are for those who like to chill and rest). Some activities are not offered throughout the year – especially in summer some places are closed, so please double-check the dates. Find out about the best tourist attractions and points of interest in Dubai.

Desert Safari

Best Adventures to Do in UAE

One of the best activities to do in Dubai is to go on a desert safari. There are many diverse desert safari tours offered in Dubai and I attempted several of them. In any case, my favorite is the one that includes 4×4 wheel drive and a BBQ (I had enough vegetarian options, yet meat-eaters will also find something, it is definitely an interesting dinner) and a hip twirl show, however, any desert safari is a great thing to involvement in Dubai (and the desert is so picturesque).

Horse Ride Through The Desert

The Arabian horse is a respectable breed indeed: elegant, ground-breaking and absolutely dearest by Emiratis. Saddle up at Al Wadi Equestrian Center, part of the plush Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah lodging, for trail rides through the surrounding desert reserve or sunset jaunts across the dunes. Camel riding is also available on request.

See Art in Ancient Arabia

Best Adventures to Do in UAE

Seeking an alternative to skyscrapers? Head to Al Bastakiya, an atmospheric piece of ‘old’ Dubai – all dusty winding lanes and mud-constructed barrel (wind towers) – that’s just 25 minutes from the downtown area. It’s presently an exceptional artistic quarter with galleries and studios aplenty; spend the morning exploring, stopping for informal breakfast in the bougainvillea-shaded courtyard of the Arabian Tea House Café.

Go Birdwatching

Birdlife thrives in the mangroves, lagoons and beach coves of Al Zorah Nature Reserve, a million-square-meter wetland wilderness not far from Ajman’s downtown area. Species such as pink flamingos, egrets, and herons are commonly sighted – almost 60 species have been recorded here. Contact Quest for Adventure for self-guided canoeing trips, as well as shake climbing, trekking and mountain bicycle tours.

Discover a Fortress

Best Adventures to Do in UAE

“The UAE has no culture!” is a refrain we’re sick of hearing – it couldn’t possibly be more off-base. The nation has a wealth of cultural institutions, yet none very like Umm al-Quwain’s imposing 200-year-old fortress, which currently serves as a museum. It’s brimming with old artifacts, photos, and relics; be that as it may, the real buzz is standing atop the stronghold, imaging tribes trying to attack its impenetrable walls.

Explore the Desert On Two Wheels

Move over, camels! These days, serious adventurers are crossing the desert by ‘fat bicycle’ – a mountain bicycle fixed up with super-thick tires to make light(ish) work of those golden dunes. Only the super-fit need apply to Real Expeditions’ Desert Cycling Adventure, an entire day’s sand cycling with a night under the stars in a Bedouin-style camp.

Climb the UAE’s Highest Mountain

At 1,934m tall, Jebel Jais is the UAE’s tallest peak. Its summit can be reached on a challenging day climb – there are some scrambling sections however this isn’t a technical climb. Another best adventures to Do in UAE. The rewards are plunging views of a sheer-sided ravine, scooped out of the rough range like a mini Grand Canyon.

Meet Dubai’s Little Known Neighbor

After flying into Dubai International, most tourists head south to the city’s skyscrapers and shopping malls. In any case, venturing north will take you to Sharjah, Dubai’s calm and traditional neighbor. On the off chance that it’s the way of life you’re after, you’ve gone to the perfect place: the old Emirati dwellings of Sharjah’s Heritage Area have been carefully restored, alongside museums and galleries celebrating its oft-neglected history.

Dive Beneath the Waves

The UAE’s east coast is one of the scuba’s best-kept secrets: its reefs are thriving and bright, thanks to the warm currents (and minimal coastal advancement) in the Gulf of Oman. There are expansive coral gardens and fascinating wrecks, and seahorses, rays, turtles and whale sharks are commonly sighted. Al Boom Diving has a permanent base in Fujairah.

Visit an Oasis -Best Adventures to Do in UAE

The lush palms and natural product trees of Liwa rise from the desert like a thirsty traveler’s mirage, just as they have done for thousands of years. Thanks to its groundwater, Liwa prospers despite being three hours from Abu Dhabi city. Spend a day exploring the small fort and date farms. Check this best adventures to do in UAE. Or on the other hand visit in January to catch the Liwa Sports Festival at Moreeb Dune, one of the world’s highest sandhills.

Test Your Head for Heights

With much fanfare, the world’s longest zipline (measuring 2.83km) opened on Jebel Jais mountain in February. However, not many travelers realize that the UAE’s highest peak is also home to another via Ferrata course. Away from the squealing crowds, this lofty 1km course traverses sheer drop-offs with knee-wobbling views aplenty. Pay special mind to eagles soaring overhead.

Visit a Wildlife Sanctuary

Sandwiched between Sharjah’s busy airport and sprawling CBD, Wasit Nature Reserve is a genuine urban oasis – a vital sanctuary for both wildlife and city-weary travelers. Its landscape of sabkha (salt plain), sand dunes, mudflats, salty lagoons, and freshwater lakes is wealthy in biodiversity, including 198 distinct species of birds plus small mammals, reptiles and insects. A visitor focus, hides, and observation points allow you to take a good look.

Learn About Islamic History

The Museum of Islamic Civilization was once a busy souk, stuffed to the rafters with spices, camels and carpets. Presently it is loaded up with the UAE’s largest collection of Muslim artifacts. Manuscripts, tapestries, and photographs bring Islam’s stories and scripture to life, and the souk’s old shops have been transformed into galleries of exquisite religious art.

Make a Meal of the Middle East

Dubai is famed for its fancy five-star fare, however, the real foodie gems lie in the back-streets of its Deira neighborhood, where Yemeni, Iranian and Palestinian restaurants hobnob with Lebanese cafés and Turkish street nourishment. Frying Pan Adventures’ Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage squeezes (ten!) delicious dishes into a four-hour evening walking tour, finishing with coffee and baklava.

Fly With Falcons

After the uproar of Dubai, a dawn trip over the desert is the ideal tonic. You’ll rise with the sun over the rippling dunes, spying clusters of camels and grazing gazelles, the silence whole yet for the burner’s concise roars. On Balloon Adventures’ flights, you’ll also be joined by peregrine falcons, which swoop and soar between the baskets. One of the best adventures to Do in UAE. A spine-tingling way to start the day.