Did you comprehend how to purchase tickets for Tomorrowland in end make your endorsement from heaven to be at this festival? Innumerable around the globe are jealous of you! Do you predict an astonishing knowledge, unfathomable music and striking days? I guarantee you – it will be unfathomably upgraded than you may estimate! Here in this post, we will discuss all you need to know about Tomorrowland.

Festival-goers from all over the world have touched base at the Provincial Estate in Boom (Antwerp zone) for the move music festival Tomorrowland. The present year’s festival is being held not once yet rather twice. The basic week’s end long festival got in headway on Friday with the opening party. Have a look!


Getting tickets is usually troublesome. All things considered, besides on the off chance that you’re from Belgium or you have a family there. Half of the ticket pool goes there, so the odds of getting them are exceptionally colossal. For different countries, it’s left just to hold up in the online line on their site and a great deal of luckiness. Moreover, when may you have the ability to purchase tickets?

Already in January (second week), you need to select on the Tomorrowland site that you are restless to purchase tickets. Despite the manner in which that we have a few days for it, it’s a motivating force to hustle a bit in light of the way that the basic 20 individuals from every nation have 4 tickets ensured! In like way, out of these 20 individuals, a champ will’s character the representative of his nation at the festival is picked and has, together with running with individuals, an ensured place in the camp of emissaries, which is found pleasant entrance to the camp (stunning localization since it is near the festival!).

Entrance to Tomorrowland

One month after the determination, you get your own one of a kind to connect with your email (everybody has a substitute affiliation) and, upon the arrival of ticket deals (start of February), we enter through this affiliation and trust that our turn will purchase a ticket. The fastest go packs of tickets for all days of the festival + outside. Later you can purchase single day entrance, in any case, it is definitely not equivalent trouble … To feel the entire state of Tomorrowland is it the best to be in the camp!

How to prepare before the Festival?

You got tickets with the campground and you are certain that an astonishing knowledge anticipates at any rate you don’t know how to configuration before going? What’s more, here I needed to spare you different demand that I see on different social events and give some essential data about the obligatory things to take and the look of the camp.

Specifically, you will need a waterproof tent (it rains each year ), pleasing pieces of attire, a bedding and an outside bed. It’s mid-year, dependably the one going before a week’s end back of July (since two years in like way the most recent couple of extended lengths of July, so 2 terminations of the week yet your tickets are liberal for multi week’s end), in any case around evening time it is cold and rain does not help (in Belgium it is raining habitually).

In the event that you don’t motivate the chance to take a tent or bedding with you since you live far away or fly by methods for the plane, you can without a considerable amount of a stretch get all the essential things there. A year earlier I had an isolated tent and I purchased a twofold tent already at the campground (for about 70 €). You can comparably expand the snoozing pad for 1 pearl (money of Tomorrowland – 1.6 € = 1 pearl).

What is the arrival at the campground like?

Passage to Dreamville (our campus) is conceivable from Thursday at 11 am. From the Brussels plane terminal, you can either take a vehicle coordinate or go to the downtown area and move the train to Boom station. On the off chance that you touch base through the vehicle, you need to look for after the signs depending whereupon leaving structure you have gained or on which you need to go. Stopping needs to be gotten early and deals are already accessible in June. Plan for a couple of hours in flood hour gridlock to enter the campground, in light of the path that by a long shot most come in the interim.

When you leave your vehicle, you should remain in a near place all through the festival, on the off chance that you leave and need to return, you need to pay once more. The vehicle leaving is orchestrated around 500 meters from the entrance to the campus, at any rate beginning there regardless you need to experience the entire town to achieve the campground so the divisions are long, especially with devices. It’s a sharp plan to get coordinated and take a wheeled truck to put in a few things or pack in an imperative rucksack. Generally, you obviously should go 2-3 times to the vehicle to get everything. All things considered, besides, in case you won’t bring various pieces of attire either liquor or sustenance and you’ll purchase the lion’s offer on the spot.

How is the Campus?

Tomorrowland is a town, not a camp. The connection is of an unimaginably particular want. It is a city with its cash, well-ordered paper, shops, cafes, disco, beautician, and slackening up zone. You can leave the campus at whatever point you need, on the off chance that you need to go to the vehicle, for instance, or to the town of Boom. Entering the festival itself is continuously strict. Full Madness tickets’ proprietors can enter the festival at 12 am (no doubt, demonstrates begin already by at that point!) in any case around this time there is an enormous line so be ready to hold up a bit. For Dreamville visitor, if there should develop an occasion of flight, an arrival is conceivable after 5 pm at the most incite.

What to do on Campus?

From 10 am in the camp you can hear music, all things thought of it as is a few days party. You will be approached to mishandle vaulting, move classes or exercise centres – all of this is clearly near to you. A year earlier on an essential morning, I went to CHILL ZONE and found a karate class driven by one of the DJs There you can slacken up on the loungers, have a snack, or even more all, charge your telephone.

Generally, I underwrite taking your own stand-out bank control, in any case, it’s without a doubt lacking for the entire festival, so you can either engage your telephone direct there or lease a power bank in the town of the campus. It costs 10 or 15 pearls, yet in the wake of depleting it may be dislodged to no closure out of pocket, and toward the culmination of the festival, returned totally and recover some cash (I think 10 pearls). You can in like way take it home as a gift, such a power bank has the Tomorrowland logo!

Pearl – The Currency of Tomorrowland

Concerning each self as for the nation, Tomorrowland has its own unique money, a pearl. It is the crucial cash you can pay on the campus and at the festival. One pearl is what could be appeared differently in relation to about 1.6 €. The correct change rate is given as looks for after – 20 € is 12.5 pearls. Pearls are not exchanged, we need to stack them on the arm jewelery and pay just with an armlet. The smallest entire we can stack is 20 €.

The best is to charge something near 100 € for your arm jewelery before you go to the festival to pay for your present costs. You can later empower it at the festival in veritable money or by methods for the card, yet there are always lines there. On the off chance that you have unused pearls, you ought to request the refund by mid-August.

The Festival

The street from the camp to the festival takes about short courses from the entrance gateway. Subordinate upon how far your tent will be, you need to check something like 20 one extra minute to get to the portal. The territory development is as look for after – a campground, a town, a passage, a street to a festival, a festival. There is an imperative parcel to endure. You can take liquor or sustenance for the street, at any rate, you can not pass on it to the festival.

Ready for Tomorrowland

The occasion happens from 12 pm to 1 am. The zone is enormous. It expects to control one hour to get beginning with one end then onto the following, especially that there are many enchanting things in movement (generally it’s perhaps 30 min walk, in any case, it’s inconceivable not to stop in movement). At the entrance to the festival from the campus side, there is the best stage and I underwrite to be there amid the night starting now and into the foreseeable future the best stars play there and there is the best show.

Going further, all through the festival zone, you can see something like 15 unmistakable scenes with various sorts of music (electro, stupor, techno) and dependable the sustenance and liquor zone adjacent. A piece of the scenes have totally crusaded and in the event of rain, most by a long shot are there. A year back it rained a couple of hours for two days yet fortunately, they were giving precipitation capes Each scene has a substitute subject and they are really stunning. I underwrite visiting all of them!

The Main Stage in Tomorrowland

The second entrance to the festival is masterminded from the side of the Ferris wheel in any case that is the place enter individuals who start from sudden spots in contrast with the campus. Both, the camp and shows, happen in the Belgian town of Boom, 17 kilometres from Antwerp. All through the festival, getting to increasingly noticeable urban zones is really available and in the event that you are napping in Antwerp or Brussels, there are free transports from the festival to the Boom station and there are a ton of

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